• Hazel Mai

God knows how grateful I am to have met you

Hey Osama! How are you? How have you been since we last met in Luxor? From what I heard from you in our calls, I guess life has been tough on you. But I hope you’re doing great and full of energy like you have always been with me.

I’m doing great here in Viet Nam. I quit my job a few weeks ago without a plan B. Don’t worry, I’m feeling better than ever. It looks like work doesn’t look good on me haha. I find joy in writing and that’s what I’m dedicating my time to at the moment.

It’s a nice cool and rainy day here in Viet Nam. I’ve been wanting to write about you on my blog for a while and thought I’d do that today, but somehow my heart rang when I impromptu started writing a letter to you. So here I am.

Osama, I didn’t know that in a foreign country, we could run into someone we thought we’ve known them for a lifetime, but we did.

Ironically, I’ve always thought that somehow you’ve found me. We randomly met at the Sudanese Embassy in Cairo and ran into each other again while we were strolling along the street in Luxor. Somehow I thought you’ve always known where to find me. It felt like you were there waiting for me. It felt like you caught me falling from the sky and you thought it was magic. Hahaha.

I’m glad back then I asked for your help to be the translator for me and the Embassy officer. When I saw you doing your best to help me with not only anything I needed but also what I wanted, I knew I wanted to hang around with you for a little while when I could. You made my world easy and enjoyable.

You’ve always been so kind to me. You took good care of me when you hosted me in your house. You treated me to a restaurant after you earned money from the university. You secretly put a cup of water on my desk so I could simply grabbed it and drank while I was in non-disturbance mode working. You cheered me up just because I deserved all of it.

Then you also helped me get train tickets. You hooked me up with the most awesome trip organizer in Sahara desert. You went with me to the bus stop before your exam just because you wanted to make sure I was safe and sound.

You met me in the most generous, fun and enjoyable way.

You were a supporting character in my adventure movie, but you were the one who dedicated to make the day the best day of my life.

You were a Genie.

You were a Genie that helped. A Genie that cared like a dad. A Genie that told jokes and laughed hard. A Genie that made fun of the circumstances so that they’d become less serious. A Genie that danced and sang. A Genie that made his best friends happy.

Do you know? Someone says “The best gift for the people you love is your presence”. And I can’t agree more.

We were nothing but best friends for a short while. And that’s the best thing that’s ever happened for us. Yourself, your being was the best gift to me. Your dirty jokes, your weird humor disturbed me for longer and made me laugh harder than I should have.

I will always remember that afternoon we spent recording yoga poses and telling jokes together. The mystical Medinet Temple and yellow sky seemed to have spread our friendship chemical in the atmosphere and there it stayed forever. Memories of us laughing, dancing and daring wholeheartedly.


How are you, my love?

I know sometimes life isn’t so easy or enjoyable for us. And it hasn’t been treating you well lately. You tried and failed many times. You lost faith in human.

But I’d tell you time and time again: Don’t give up. You have great people around you that love you. And you’ve made their life happier.

Can we please just spend our energy on those people instead of those who don’t deserve it?

I guess it’s what we get to learn in life.

And I saw you started diving. It’s incredible watching you in the photos and videos. I hope you’ve found your passion in diving and that one day when we meet again, you’ll be my instructor.

Whatever you do, I hope you find peace doing it.

I love you so much and God knows how grateful I am to have met you.


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